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muvee Reveal X will help you create and share personalized, professional looking home movies in a few quick steps. With automatic motion and face detection, your photos and video are synced to the beat of your favorite music. Tell your story the way you want to through advanced personalization features including captions, voiceover and music trimming.

Post to YouTube, Facebook or burn to DVD - the sharing possibilities are endless. Home movie making has never been so easy. Many video software programs are complicated and take a long time to learn, muvee Reveal is different.

All operations to create an extremely simplified video - the user need only specify the program image, the original video and choose from built-in styles of the future film. In addition, the application can provide its own voice commentary video, import images and video from cameras (including - HD).

Key features:
  • - Recommended music. Each style is presented together with the recommended free music
  • - Inscriptions. Card for titles can be inserted anywhere in the video. It is used for more effective presentation of the history
  • - Improved indicators of sketches. Improved media panel to display it on the changes made by magicSpot, magicMoments and subtitles.
  • - Highlights of the sound. You can enable and disable the sound at certain points in the video.
  • - Zagruzkana YouTube (in standard definition or high definition). Mozhnosohranitfilm muvee, and zatemlegko zagruzitego on the Web site YouTube.
  • - Zagruzkana Facebook (in standard definition or high definition). Mozhnosohranitfilm muvee, and zatemlegko zagruzitego Web site Facebook.
  • - Processing of a music track. You can configure the necessary duration of a music track or remove part of the
  • - Logo. You can overlay an image that will serve as a logo in the movie muvee
  • - Accelerated process of saving NVIDIA CUDA. Conservation in the H.264 format is now much faster thanks to equipment NVIDIA CUDA
  • - Integration with the forum. Tips for different styles can be found on the forum muveeManiacs
  • - Full-screen video preview with DVD-like quality. You can play the movie muvee in full-screen preview mode, which provides the resolution and quality of DVD.
  • - The function of high-definition (HD, available only in full version). Program muvee Reveal supports playback and recording video in high definition. This allows you to record high quality movies on Blu-Ray discs and watch high definition movies on your computer or download a movie on YouTube and Facebook with high definition quality.
  • - Wide screen. Program muvee Reveal supports playback of video clips and images in the usual format (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) format. This allows you to create your own muvee widescreen movies and burn them to DVD-discs.
  • - Maintaining a web album. Sending video by e-mail is difficult because of large file transfers. Placing video on the Internet is also quite difficult, in addition, it makes them accessible to the world. Program muvee Reveal integrated with the Web site muvee Cloud, which provides a quick and confidential sharing your movies muvees. You can save the movie muvee in service muvee Cloud. The program will automatically download the movie in a free and secure web album. You can send invitations to view the movie muvee other users. No invitations to the film will not be able to view any user.
  • - Management of subtitles. Take photos and videos even more interesting by adding animated characters.
  • - Separation of video clips. You can split a large video file into smaller clips that are suitable for processing. You can choose to indicate the video, or by using muvee Reveal, which will automatically split the video clips.
  • - Custom DVD-topic. When recording to DVD-ROM software muvee Reveal allows you to customize the background image and font for the menu DVD.
  • - Save your media on your device: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod, iPad, Android. Program muvee Reveal allows you to save movies muvee format utility iTunes for syncing with devices iPhone / iPod / iPad. In addition, muvee Reveal allows you to save movies muvee in a format compatible with Android devices
  • - Tips. In the process of filmmaking program muvee muvee Reveal takes simple tips to help you choose the best match the length of musical recordings and images.
  • - Convenient media panel. You can control the plot of the film, changing the sequence of images and fragments of video media files on the panel. Program muvee Reveal follow the order (a more convenient way than dragging images and snippets of video during playback). During playback, the movie muvee panel shows playable media files and video images, which are automatically highlighted in the program muvee Reveal.
What's new in Muvee Reveal X?

- New sequence of labels
- New animation sequence of text
- More power, more control, better movies
- Improving the quality of audio from video clips
- Obnovlennyiya and transformation
- All styles have been updated.
- New video sequences and text effects

HD Movie making made easy! Turn photos and videos into entertaining movies. Easy user interface at first glance, but powerful features beneath. Comes with six awesome Styles that include Hollywood-quality themes, effects, transitions and text animation sequences.

Movie Making in 3 Steps
In a few clicks, pump up your home video to awesome movies. muvee Reveal X video editing software comes complete with professional effects, transitions, great looking Titles, Credits, Captions and everything in between. Yes, it's that easy and YOU can look like a Pro! First, just select your photos and video, then select a Style. Just Preview and hit Save. You can then save your movie and share it anywhere, burn a DVD or upload to YouTube. You can even personalize your videos by adding Opening Titles, Closing Credits, Captions (or some call it subtitles) to the videos or photos.

No Film School Cred Required
muvee's Style themes help you focus on telling your story. With 6 Styles to choose from, tell your story without having to learn fancy editing techniques. We've done it all for you!
Our Styles take care of putting in the professional effects, transitions, text animations and all the fine subtle techniques that film experts use. Don't tinker with a toolbox of effects, transitions, color filters and timelines! We hired the film school geeks to help you so you can focus on living life and capturing those special moments, writing your script, and choosing a Style theme to showcase your story. After all, you paid for the software, why should you still have to do all the work?

Titles and Credits
Not only can you use our default background video and graphic templates, but you can also replace it with your own.

Each Style has special caption fonts to match the theme, along with subtle Captions animations.

Style Settings
Each Style has its own unique set of behaviors you can adjust. From Pacing of the Style, to how sensitive to music it should be, to even what Scrapbook backgrounds you want.

Put them all Together
Easily piece together your life's story from photos and videos captured on any device. Whether from shoot-from-the-hip smartphones, handy HD camcorder or spanking new SLR, bring it all together with muvee Reveal X to tell your amazing story.

muvee Reveal X allows you to import photos and videos from multiple cameras. Even if each source comes in different formats, sizes, aspect ratios (that is 16:9 wide screen, or the traditional 4:3 like a 4X10 photo), it doesn't matter. muvee Reveal X makes it easy to bring it all together to make movie magic!

Save in any Popular Format
Whether an email-friendly file or eye-popping HD, muvee Reveal X provides several options to show off your movie making skills. muvee Reveal X allows you to burn a DVD, or export your movie in all the popular formats: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H264 (720P and 1080P), WMV, MOV, AVI

Talks to iTunes
muvee Reveal X will prepare the final video file to share on your iPad / iPhone. It will also launch iTunes and populate your movie so that the next time you connect your iOS device, it will automatically sync your movie with the device. You can also share it online with the world on YouTube, with your friends on Facebook, or just to your inner circle of BFFs on muvee Cloud, your personal sharing space just for muvee users.

What's new in muvee Reveal X?

- New Captions, Intertitles and Text Animation Sequences
muvee Reveal X now offers Intertitles - blank title slides that you can place in between your photos and videos - to help define chapters within your movie-story. Place an Intertitle before the highlights of each day of your 10 day trip, or highlight each game of your kid's soccer season. Intertitles come with cool new text animations with their own entry and exit sequences. Captions have also been improved to include support for two-line Headlines and Subtext. Now you are better able to emphasize your messages.

- Boost the soundtrack of any video clip
You really want to have that cool new music track drive most of your video, but you wanna hear the Best-man's speech? Now you can! Using the "Clip video into segments" or "Clip video here" feature, you can isolate the video segment where the Best-man delivered his speech. Then go to that clip, and check "Boost Audio". It's that easy!

- Comes with Licensed Music
Ever wondered which music track would pair well with that Style? We hand-picked music for you! We have cleared all licensing requirements so you can safely post your movies anywhere!

- Comes with Fonts
We hired a renown typography artist to select and design fonts to esthetically match each Style.

- Styles re-Styled
Each Style for muvee Reveal X has been refreshed and transformed by adding text animation, and even some with additional video and graphics content.
Select Styles even feature actual video scenes taken by our fans and our CEO from their travels from Tahoe to Mexico. Look out for 3D particle sequence loops to give that extra boost to some of the recent Styles.

- Updated Social Media video posting tools
We have updated our uploading capabilities for YouTube and Facebook to support their 720P resolution streaming service. Saving on the iPhone4 and iPad will also be in 720P H264, with iTunes integration for auto-syncing to your favorite iOS devices.

In order to get the best performance from Reveal X your computer should at least have these minimum system requirements:
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • 1 GB system memory, 2 GB or higher recommended for HD
  • Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz or higher, AMD Athlon 64 2.0 GHz or higher
  • Minimum display resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Must support Open GL 1.4
  • Windows-compatible sound card
  • Internet connection required for online features
  • DVD-ROM drive to install software
In order to get the most out of your video outputs you will need these accessories:
  • CD burner for creating Video CDs or Super Video CDs (S-VCDs)
  • DVD burner for creating DVDs
  • Windows compatible Sound card
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