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Version: 1.0
Platform: PC / Microsoft Windows
Genre: Action / 3D Platform
ESRB Rating: Fantasy Violence
Language: English
Controls: Keyboard / Joystick
Modes: Single Player
Release Date: November 2004
Developed by: Sega of America, Inc.
Published by: Sega
Official Website:

Sonic Heroes marks the first significant change in Sega's long-running franchise since 1999's Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast. Like the Sonic Adventure series, the levels are depicted in 3D from a perspective behind the character. Unlike Sonic Adventure and previous Sonic games, however, players control a three-character team throughout the colorful worlds. A total of four teams are available, all consisting of members from previous Sonic the Hedgehog games, ranging from the 1991 original to 2003's Sonic Advance 2 on Game Boy Advance.

Team Sonic consists of Tails, Knuckles, and the Blue Blur himself, while Team Dark is represented by Shadow, Omega, and Rouge. Team Rose features Amy Rose, Big the Cat, and Cream, with Espio the Chameleon, Vector the Crocodile, and Charmy the Bee rounding out Team Chaotix. Each character has a customized special attack and is a specialist at one of three team formations: speed, power, and flight. Players routinely switch between the characters on their team to complete objectives and to help advance through the game's 14 levels. The ultimate goal, as shocking as it may sound, is to find and confront Dr. Eggman, who has resurrected and made enhancements to Metal Sonic.

Each level is filled with a variety of opportunities to take advantage of each character's distinctive traits, whether it's Amy's hammer swing or Omega's machine gun. Using the speed formation allows players to briskly propel the trio across corkscrew loops or the fastest routes through levels, while the power formation is best for confronting enemies or for revealing hidden areas by smashing obstacles. The flight formation takes the action into the air to reach new areas or to attack flying creatures by tossing the other two characters like projectiles.

To encourage repeat visits, the game offers slightly different variations of the 14 levels depending on which team is selected. There are also new objectives, cut-scenes, and endings specific to each team, not to mention a special bonus awarded to players who complete the game with all four squads. In addition to the single-player experience, Sonic Heroes features a number of multiplayer modes where up to four teams can race, battle, or compete with each other in a variety of game types.

  • Choose one of four available teams including Team Sonic and Team Dark
  • Battle through 14 levels to defeat Dr. Eggman
  • Use "speed formation" to fly around corkscrews and "power formation" to obliterate enemies
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Operating System: 98 / XP / Vista / 7
CPU Type: Pentium III or Higher
CPU Speed in MHz: 266MHz
RAM: 128MB
Hard Drive Space: 800MB

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