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Cinema 4D Studio R14 - Easy to use professional software for 3D-visualization, with which even novice users can create high-quality animation using 3D-CAD models.

The software product includes a variety of tools for character animation, with hair and clothing simulation, offers several light sources, a variety of materials and structures, has a powerful physics engine and network rendering technology, allowing you to quickly get results. Special tools in CINEMA 4D Studio simplifies the creation of rigs and additional character animation. Hair or fur for the characters, you can quickly and easily add, using a powerful set of tools that allow you to build up, comb, stylize and animate hair. Physics engine that allows you to easily implement complex collisions and interactions between objects, irrespective of their dozen or a thousand. Network rendering allows you to use all the computers on the network to calculate the animation faster.

Despite the fact that the package is designed for professional 3D, additional tools in Studio are very comfortable and intuitive. The process of creating complex 3D-effects such as hair, a surprisingly simple and quick as CINEMA 4D is doing for you most of the heavy lifting. For example, the motion of the character of his hair swaying automatically or flutter, now to set the collision thousands of objects to each other, you need only a few mouse clicks. CINEMA 4D Studio lets you unleash your creativity and enjoy 3D without limits!
Do not forget to lock the program access to the Internet!

Extras. Information: Features MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio:

• Ability to work with parametric and polygonal objects.
• The extended system, and textures.
• The possibility of a three-dimensional drawing.
• Built-in non-linear animation.
• The presence of the dynamics of hard and soft bodies.
• Many tools to character animation.
• Event-based particle system.
• Rendering hair and fur.
• Realistic visualization and rendering sketch.
• The presence of light sources IES, you can easily create natural light.
• Support for color profiles.
• Built-in image manager.
• Support OpenGL3.
• A built-in programming language Python.
• Support for these units.
• Availability manager rendering.
• Import and export files in various formats.

System requirements:
- Operating system: Windows Xp / Vista / 7 (64bit Only)
- Core 2 Duo or better
- 256MB graphics card or better
- 3 GB of free hard disk space

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