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Maxsurf pro v.11 provides fast, flexible and intuitive modelling of all types of hulls, superstructures and appendages. An unlimited number of trimmed NURB surfaces can be used to model any vessel from yachts to workboats to the largest ships.
The core of the Maxsurf range, the Maxsurf design module, provides the naval architect with the design tools necessary to create fair, optimised hull forms quickly, accurately and with limited training time. Any number of NURB surfaces can be joined, trimmed and manipulated to create a complete model ready for hydrostatic analysis or construction detailing.
A range of commands provide direct interactive manipulation of the surface shape by mouse or keyboard. Maxsurf provides automated transformation of the hull form to match desired dimensions and hydrostatic properties. Control points can be dragged with the mouse, adjusted numerically, or manipulated by a range of fairing commands.

Features in version 11.12 :

• Fast to learn and easy to master graphical interface
• Model complex hull geometry with trimmed surfaces
• Create fair surfaces using a wide range of fairness evaluation tools
• Visualise hull shape changes with dynamic updating
• Match required hull parameters using parametric transformation
• Extract key design data via lines, offsets, hydrostatic properties or curve of areas
Fair and accurate surfaces are critical for optimal vessel performance and ease of construction. Maxsurf provides a range of flexible tools for evaluating curvature of the entire surface as well as curvature along a particular surface contour such as a waterline or diagonal. Curvature displays are automatically and interactively updated as you modify the surface.

All Maxsurf designs are stored in an common file structure which is accessed directly by other modules for analysis, construction and performance prediction. Changes made in Maxsurf will automatically flow through when the design is opened in other modules. Designs in the database file are extremely compact making them ideal for transmission to designers or builders via email.

The interactive graphical environment in Maxsurf complies with Microsoft Windows standards and allows you to very quickly learn and master the many design tools provided. Multiple windows can be used to view and change the model as well as provide a tabular view of design data. Other windows provide on-the-fly checks of curve of areas, upright hydrostatic calculations and tables of offsets.

Data exchange is a key requirement in the modern design office and Maxsurf supports a wide range of industry standard formats. Copy and paste of numerical tables to and from Microsoft Excel allows for custom calculations and formatting. Copy and paste of all graphical views also helps you create presentation materials and reports. Import and export of industry standard DXF and IGES files, allows you to seamlessly exchange point, line or surface data with other CAD and CAM systems.

Maxsurf's unique dynamic surface trimming capabilities allow you to model complex surface edges while maintaining fairness throughout the rest of the hull. An interactive display of surface/surface intersections lets you create the shapes you require even with complex configurations such as curved transoms, stepped sheerlines and appendages and bow thrusters. Surface trimming is automatically updated as you adjust the surfaces in the design letting you concentrate on creating the highest quality surface model possible.

Maxsurf provides all the hull, appendage and superstructure modelling capabilities you require. For users with a limited budget, the Maxsurf Plus, Maxsurf/T and Maxsurf/S versions provide the same surface modelling capabilities with fewer surfaces at a reduced cost. The parametric transformation function is only available in Maxsurf Pro.

The COM interface in Maxsurf enables you to perform modifications to a Maxsurf design from an external program such as Visual Basic, Excel or an optimisation shell such as iSIGHT or modeFrontier.

System requirements for maxsurf Pro v.11:

• Maxsurf is a highly efficient program and does not require state of the art computers to run smoothly. • Basically any computer that can run Windows XP can run Maxsurf.
• However, for some of the computationally intensive analyses calculations such as Seakeeping analyses, • Hullspeed free wave surface calculations, plate development calculations in Workshop and some (batch) • Hydromax analyses it is recommended to have at least 1Gb RAM and a 1.5 Ghz or faster computer.
• Installing all of the Maxsurf applications and documents requires a maximum of 200 Mb of disk space.

Note that - as with any design program - the use of a large monitor is recommended and this may require a mid-range video card that supports Open GL 1.2 ( recommended - not required). This information can be found by from Sys Info from the Help | About Maxsurf in any of the Maxsurf application.
If you want to really have fun, we recommend Windows 7 64 bit, multiple large monitors and 8Gb of RAM. Many of our users have this kind of configuration and the software performs very well on this hardware.

Formation Design Systems fully supports Windows 7, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions from Maxsurf version 14 onwards, and Multiframe version 11 onwards. From version 16 of Maxsurf and version 13 of Multiframe onwards, native 64 bit versions are also available.
Versions prior to those listed above are not designed to work with Windows 7, and are not guaranteed to work correctly if used.

Formation Design Systems fully supports Windows Vista, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions from Maxsurf version 13 onwards, and Multiframe version 10 onwards.
Versions prior to those listed above are not designed to work with Vista, and are not guaranteed to work correctly if used.

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